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Atlas ATV

Atlas ATV

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Reliability, speed, universality, simplicity of use and incredible passability. And yes, all these attributes can be combined in one vehicle.We present you new unique all-terrain vehicle

Technical Specifications:

  • Service Temperature: -50֯C ,+40֯C
  • Height Of Obstacles: Climb Decent= 35֯ ,1 m(3ft)
  • Clearance: 0.6m(2 ft), tilt=30֯
  • Max. Speed: Ground = 60 km/h (38 Mph)(Grass, Gravel, Sand, Peat, Moor, Marsh, dunes, rocks, scree, snow, ice, climbing from water to ice.)
    Water = 7km/h(4.7 mph), ponds, lakes, rivers, sandbanks, shores, coasts, frozen waters, etc.
  • Fuel Autonomy: Fuel Tank Volume of 100L(26 gal)
  • Loading Capacity: 1500 kg(3306 lb)
    5 seats and 6 places on side benches.
  • Workshop Repair Manual: Printed copy
  • Spare parts on Catalogue: Printed copy
  • Warranty: Guarantee conditions: products are under guarantee for 12
  • Annual Maintenance Contract: months from the date of delivery or for a 1000 motor-hours period, whichever comes first.

MULTI-PURPOSED: The overall dimensions of ATLAS and the amount of useable space make this all-terrain vehicle universal. It can be modified for any task and purpose on the customer’s request. Passenger numbers can be as much as 12 persons. Construction of interior allows the deployment of a stretcher.

INCREDIBLE PASSABILITY: Air suspension with vibration dampener, as low as the possible center of gravity, high ground clearance, differential lock, a control system for both pairs of wheels – Atlas has a huge variety of techniques to deal with any kind of off-road terrain.

SIMLICITY OF CONTROL: Every person, who has the skills to drive a car with manual transmission, can operate the Atlas without difficulty. Control system is the same.

HIGH MANEUVERABILITY: Thanks to control system for both pairs of wheels, vehicle can be easily operated and has outstanding maneuverability. Atlas’s turn radius is smaller than a passenger car turn radius, which is important on rough ground.

LONG SERVICE IN TERVAL: Combination of innovative engineering solutions makes Atlas one of the most reliable all-terrain vehicles in its category and that’s why it demands maintenance less frequently. Service interval is 250 engine hours.

CONSTRUCTIVE DESIGN: Thanks to the joint efforts of design engineers and artists, the ATLAS design was created as practical as possible. The all-terrain vehicle has no superfluous details, which have structural and aesthetic purposes.

INTERIOR OF VEHICLE: In addition to a practical body, the all-terrain vehicle has a comfortable interior. And it also includes a beautiful design. To achieve this balance, an interior artist worked on the interior.

CREATE YOUR VEHICLE: When purchasing ATLAS all-terrain vehicle you can also make the desired adjustments to the equipment. The list of available changes includes painting, as well as equipping the vehicle with air conditioning, heater, additional seats, towbar, etc.


  • ATV model: “ATLAS”
  • Wheel formula: 4x4
  • Construction Type: Fullmetal carcase
  • Number of seats: 1+8* (maximum number of crew is 12*)
  • Structural weight: 2200 kg
  • Permitted maximum weight: 3700 kg
  • Overall dimensions: 4664/2530/2800 mm
  • Ground clearance: 580 mm
  • Gauge: 1900 mm
  • Tipping angle: 42°
  • Maximum lift: 45°
  • Engine model: K9K Euro-5
  • Capacity: 90 hp
  • Maximum torque: 220 nm
  • Fuel type: Diesel
  • Fuel tank: 100 L* (can be increased*)
  • Fuel Consumption: > 4L / hour
  • Transmission: five-speed manual transmission
  • Steering: hydrostatic steering, 3 operating modes
  • Drivetrain: cross wheel gearboxes, «Eaton» block system
  • Reducing gear: original wheel reduction gears
  • Wheel discs: 25”
  • Type tyre: low tyre pressure


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