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Battlefield Identify Triangular Helmet Thermal Patch - DTS

Battlefield Identify Triangular Helmet Thermal Patch - DTS

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Welcome to the future of military identification with Devastra Tactical Solutions Battlefield Identify Triangular Helmet Patch (Thermal) 7*13 cm- – the revolutionary solution for seamless friend or foe (IFF) recognition. This flex panel are a game-changer, easily applicable to any soldier or vehicle, providing unparalleled identification capabilities from thermal sensors like HHTI and Themral Devices from air and on land.

Thermal Identification: Battlefield Transperancy

Battlefield Identify Triangular Helmet Patch (Thermal) 7*13 cm- DTS utilizes cutting-edge technology to highlight friendlies, assets, objectives and vehicles for thermal sesors. This ensures efficient identification, even at long distances and by aerial units, enhancing overall battlefield awareness and transperancy

Battlefield Transparency:

In urban and jungle scenarios, large scale conflicts or complex military operations, Battlefield Identify Flex Panel (Thermal) bring clarity by distinguishing between different roles like medics, doctors, paramilitary personnel, specialists, engineers, and more. This feature is indispensable for swift decision-making in the field. Also Battlefield Identify Flex Panel (Thermal) can be used to signal for close air support and covert ops.

Customizable Designs:

Battlefield Identify Triangular Helmet Patch (Thermal) 7*13 cm are fully customizable to meet user requirements. Choose from backing and color options. 

Fail-Safe Design: 

No electronic components or batteries are used in Battlefield Identify Flex Panel (Thermal), ensuring reliability in the most demanding situations. Resistant to rust and capable of being used for 5+ years, these patches are engineered for durability.

Micro-Prismatic Material: 

Crafted from high-strength micro-prismatic material, Battlefield Identify Triangular Helmet Patch (Thermal) 7*13 cm- DTS reflects exclusively in thermal vision (LWIR), between 7 and 14 microns in wavelength guaranteeing visibility without compromising stealth.

User-Friendly Application:

Enjoy hassle-free use – no installation required.
No Maintenance. Only Keep clean and dry.

Embrace the future of military identification with Devastra Tactical Solutions Battlefield Identify Flex Panel (Thermal) – a must-have for enhancing operational efficiency, safety, and overall situational awareness.

Revolutionize Your Battlefield Visibility! 

Size: 7x13 cm 
Colour: Tan / OD green / Black
Backing Options: Adhesive/ Velcrro Hook/ Velcro Hook and Loop


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